• Boost your profitability by selling more concessions
  • Stimulate advance ticket sales and increase return visits by offering an unmatched, immersive experience
  • Cut costs by improving your lobby content operations across your whole venue network
  • Introduce anonymous audience analytics to trigger both content and business decisions
  • Tap into new revenue streams by preparing your lobby for the future of cinema

Barco lobby experience zones

The Barco lobby experience features four zones that together create a unique opportunity to connect with your patrons, impressing them with dynamic entertainment while boosting your sales in every area of the lobby. You can also choose for a lobby domination experience that provides a full audio, video, and lighting show-before-the-show with studio or other promotional content.

Box office zone

  • Drive engagement at the point of purchase
  • Influence movie ticket sales.

Features zone

  • Increase customer dwell time and engagement
  • Transform the entire lobby area into an immersive environment

Concessions zone

  • Dynamically manage menu items
  • Run targeted promotions to drive more sales

Posters zone

  • Migrate from static to digital posters
  • Lower your operational costs
  • Increase customer engagement

A full-service approach to creating your Barco lobby experience

From basic content packages to full-scale lobby dominations, all aspects of the Barco lobby experience are carefully crafted and managed by Barco. We are the only provider to offer a complete theater lobby display solution designed specifically for the cinema, thanks to our strong relationships with movie studios and our deep understanding of visual display technology, including:

  • All hardware, including LCD displays of all sizes, projectors, LED panels, and lighting solutions
  • Digital Media players and video distribution hardware
  • Barco proprietary content management system software designed to simplify the management of lobby-specific content
  • Full integration services for POS and other existing corporate platforms
  • Unique and exclusive studio content for a themed movie experience that outclasses standard trailers and posters
  • Content creation and management services to fully customize each lobby
  • Compatible with most TMS (Theater Management System), ATM (Automated Ticketing Machine) and POS (Point-Of-Sales) systems, to display content or trigger events based on shared information

Studios we work with

Open Road
Sony Pictures
20th Century Fox
Walt Disney
Warner Bros