The Ultimate Media Solution

Based on our ultimate media solution we have created a number of applications. To blend work with play for example, we’ve rethought the high end home office with a solution that includes large custom-designed and high-resolution screens.

In this way, users can work with multiple content sources and freely arrange them on screen. The intuitive user interface integrates seamlessly with professional video conferencing tools or can be connected wirelessly via the Barco ClickShare presentation system.

You can also create your own sports bar application or the perfect living room TV. With Barco Residential’s ultimate media solution applications, it’s all possible! Using our established components and process our custom integration partners can create a fully integrated solution that suits your home perfectly.

Pixel perfect video processor

The video processor powered by Cyviz has extreme bandwidth with dedicated hardware for management of multiple high-resolution uncompressed video streams. Advanced anti-tearing technology is used to achieve a seamless single desktop in native resolution. Picture in picture is supported by dynamic positioning and efficient scaling. The video processor has a modular design and is available in two models with either 4x4 or 8x8 input/ output slots. It offers up to 5 gigapixels/second video-processing bandwidth, and has an integrated control system.

The most advanced and ease of use GUI in the world

The Controller is easy and intuitive to use with an attractive touch based user experience, featuring seamless integration with your High end Audio system and even the built in video conferencing system. The Integrator Kit will turn any display wall into a full-fledged multi-purpose large TV and collaboration environment. An unlimited number of sources are supported by the advanced audio and video routing algorithm, which compliments a wide range of audio and video matrices. Control of third party equipment is configurable and supports multiple communication protocols. The control system, the unique Touch panel is an extremely important part of the user experience.

See video to learn more about the solution