The collection

Tailored to dedicated theater rooms or controlled light environments, the Theater projectors are designed for the true cinephile who desires accurate images and consistent Rec. 709 color performance, as intended by the movie director.

Optimized for environments with greater ambient light, the Media room range offers a substantial increase in brightness compared to their T series counterparts, delivering excellent image quality in adverse lighting conditions. Perfectly suited for rooms where fun and entertainment are the order of the day.

These exceptional projectors are the ultimate expression of Barco Residential’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and image quality. Built with the best professional cinema technologies, they have been exclusively enhanced for the home environment. The choice of film professionals, they epitomize everything Barco Residential stands for.

Barco Quantum

Sleek and compact whilst capable of delivering exceptionally sharp and detailed images thanks to the forged magnesium optical engine casing, housed within. DLP technology is key to a truly cinematic experience in the home and when coupled with the Barco Quantum’s custom-designed all-glass optics and Barco image processing, smaller dedicated rooms can enjoy the benefits of our experience in digital cinema in an elegant black design.

  • Light output: 1,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 234 x 278 x 94 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Orion

Three years in the making, Barco Orion brings Barco image quality and craftsmanship home to medium-sized rooms. There are two distinguished optical setups to choose from. The T version is optimized for dedicated home cinemas, delivering perfect Rec.709 color accuracy while the M variant is tailored for media rooms where ambient light is not easily controlled. The Barco Orion projector features six interchangeable lens options, HDBaseT input and its outstanding motorized lens shift ability produces class leading installation flexibility.

  • Light output: T Version 1,700 lumens, M Version 3,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 342 x 306 x 143 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Orion Cinemascope MKII 

The Barco Orion Cinemascope offers the same enhancements as the Barco Orion stable-mate, coupled with a stunning high-capacity 2.37:1 native aspect DLP engine, co-developed by Barco engineers in partnership with Texas Instruments. This original design allows a 2.35:1 film to be displayed in the home without the use of an anamorphic lens or by overshooting the projector to fill the screen. Married to this advancement in display device technology is Barco’s renowned image processing and implementation of our proprietary auto aspect ratio detection and scaling technologies.

  • Light output: T Version 1,400 lumens, M Version 2,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 342 x 306 x 143) mm (excluding lens)

Barco Optix MKII & MKIV 

A celebration of image quality for larger dedicated home cinemas and media rooms. Images look natural, screen presence is considerable, blacks are pure, and the subtlety of tones across its spectrum is nothing less than exquisite. Our proprietary lamp architecture encompasses two 300W lamps and two color wheels, alongside 10 lens options and 12 bit Barco video processing making the Barco Optix MKIII an all-round superstar.

  • Light output: T Version 2,300 lumens, M Version 3,500 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 510 x 223 x 376 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Optix Cinemascope

Takes the exceptional 2.37:1 native DLP chipset used in the Barco Orion Cinemascope to the next level. This higher resolution required our optical engineers to develop all new optics and lenses, custom designed with aspherical glass elements and enhanced low dispersion glass for the highest possible image quality, increased contrast, improved color saturation and, above all, excellent sharpness.

  • Light output: T Version 2,100 lumens, M Version 2,700 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 510 x 223 x 376 mm  (excluding lens)

Barco Kroma MKII

Featuring our 2nd generation LED illumination system, the Barco Kroma MKII produces a stunning, wide and extremely consistent color gamut and a rich, vibrant color rendition. With an unmatched 100,000 hour life expectancy, 13 lens options and close to unlimited installation flexibility, Barco Kroma MKII delivers the ultimate in image quality for smaller dedicated home cinema rooms.

  • Light output: 900 lumens - equivalent to a 1,400 ANSI Lumen lamp-based projector
  • Dimensions: (w x h x d) 510 x 223 x 376 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Helios Studio Edition

Taking image quality that one step further. The Barco Helios is one of the most compact 3-chip DLP projectors available and features hand-selected optical components and matched lamps. The Barco Helios is built to your order in our high-tech facility in Norway from the highest grade components available. An aluminium body, magnesium optical engine casing and 5 all-glass lens options with a tolerance so extreme that only the top 5% produced are selected. The projector challenges design conventions and pushes the boundaries of conceivable image quality

  • Light output: T version 5,000 lumens, M version 8,500 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 604 x 501 x 250 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Loki

Loki’s alluring image quality is unmistakable, right from the very first encounter. Striking and assertive, his soul is a dual laser light engine coupled to award winning DLP technology and world class optics. Loki is unmistakably Barco Residential, precision engineering and manufacture at its finest.

  • Light output: T version 8,500 lumens, M version 12,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 730 x 575 x 275 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Apollo 20

The Olympian deity Apollo was the leader of muses and the director of their choir. Barco's Apollo 20 brings the art they inspired in the form of film to the most demanding of home environments. Extremely large screens, outdoor entertainment spaces and contemporary glass home designs all benefit from an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular color fidelity. Thanks to the light-on-demand option, the light output of the Barco Apollo 20 can be fully tuned in 2,000-lumen incremental steps ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 lumens.

  • Light output: variable from 10,000 - 20,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 725 x 475 x 382 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Wodan

Wodan builds on the successful platform of our 20K lumen Apollo 20, enhanced with UHD resolution. Wodan is designed for large screens or bright ambient light environments, like outdoor entertainment spaces and contemporary glass home designs all benefit from an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular color fidelity. What’s new? Wodan has completely new processing electronics, new connectivity and even more powerful built-in warp. He has exceptional 4K processing with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2, HDR and UHD resolution. Wodan features motorized lenses and lumen output is variable from 8 to16000 lumens.

  • Light output: variable from 10,000 - 16,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 725 x 475 x 382 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Athena

The Barco Athena brings DCI technology home to smaller spaces. As the projection goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature, her compact footprint and quiet operation are especially suited to smaller dedicated home cinemas that desire image perfection and DCI compatibility.

  • Light output: 4,500 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 664 x 689 x 369 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Zeus

Delivering the luxury, craftsmanship and renowned image quality of Barco’s Cinema at Home product range in a compact form factor. Barco Zeus’s hermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly guarantee outstanding reliability and thanks to our acclaimed analog color convergence mechanism, crisp images are maintained over time. Xenon lamps offer vibrant colours and motorized high contrast lens options ensure not just a perfect image, but also accurate ratios.

  • Light output: 8,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 925 x 626 x 325 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Prometheus I

Created exclusively for ultra-high end home theaters and crafted using our unique know-how as a market leader in professional cinema and postproduction projection. Featuring the very latest 4K DLP chipsets from Texas Instruments and our acclaimed Alchemy DCI Media Server, you can be assured that even the subtlest nuance of color and detail will be faithfully reproduced on screen.

  • Light output: 6,500 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 1129 x 754 x 604 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Prometheus II

Brings Barco’s outstanding image quality to the world’s largest home cinema screens. A 7 kilowatt xenon lamp is aligned with exacting precision and focused through one of the finest optical engines ever conceived. Three 4K DLP chip modules are hand aligned to perfection at the point of installation using our unique analog convergence system. A stunning custom-designed high contrast lens helps to deliver an unprecedented immersive experience in the home.

  • Light output: 11,500 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 1129 x 754 x 604 mm (excluding lens)

Barco Thor

Barco Thor represents the pinnacle of Barco Residential’s projection portfolio. Thor, the hammer wielding god of lightning, brings true, direct laser projection to the most exclusive homes for the first time. His perfectly designed 15,000-lumen output, hermetically sealed 4K DLP® engine delivers reality altering levels of immersion for the finest home cinemas.

  • Light output: 15,000 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 1445 x 744 x 706 mm (excluding lens) Chiller dimensions: 701 x 701 x 800 mm