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ClickShare CX-50 Gen2 base unit firmware v2.14.1.8

Version v2.14.1.8
Filesize 494.94 MB
Release date 23 jan '23
SHA256 checksum F548E38836296954DFCB6D5808363021AFEF31DE02DFCA3BBC091AB0D9074863

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Release notes

=== With this release ClickShare gives you improved user experiences, increased flexibility, security and additional features === === The main new features included in the 2.14 release ===

  • Initial support for CX-50 Gen2.
  • Digital Signage: When not used for conferencing or presenting, your meeting room displays can double up as a digital signage platform, to impress, inspire and inform meeting room guests. More details can be found in KB12665.
  • Use the HDMI-in source as the screensaver on your meeting room display. More info can be found in KB7221.

=== Next to the addition of features, a number of known issues from the earlier firmware version have been resolved ===

  • Various security patches and stability improvements.
  • The network info is no longer shown on the screensaver when the setting is disabled in the ClickShare Configurator

=== Not all issues could be resolved yet, these are the ones that are remaining in this release ===

  • When using Airplay with YouTube, users need to make sure the YouTube is not running before sharing full screen with Airplay, to avoid "Connected to AirPlay" is shown as overlay on the Youtube video: KB11880
  • Rapidly pressing the mute button on the Jabra Speak devices can lead to the peripheral being out-of-sync with MS Teams.
  • Waking from deep stand-by can trigger a reboot if the unit went into stand-by while a device was still connected to its access point.
  • Miracast is not yet available on CX-50 Gen2.
  • Touch related features are not yet available on CX-50 Gen2.

=== Things to consider before upgrading ===

  • In order to start the ClickShare App on the Button automatically when plugging it in, version 1.20 of the ClickShare Windows Driver needs to be installed on the device. More information can be found in KB12204.
  • ClickShare Desktop App v4.17 or higher is required to allow over the air (Wi-Fi and ultrasound) detection of the Base Unit.
  • We highly recommend to always use a free 5GHz Wi-Fi channel to optimise the performance of Wireless Presentation. These settings can be changed via the ClickShare Configurator.
  • To guarantee picture quality, 4k capabilities and limit the EMC exposure 360-degree bond shielding HDMI cables supporting the HDMI 2.0 specification should be used.

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