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Please find below a set of recent reports from equity research analysts covering Barco. Our policy is to publish these reports 1 week after publication and upon approval from the analyst. Archived reports can be obtained upon request from

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Stefaan Genoe - get phone number+32 2 229 64 66

04 December 2017  Barco Strategic realignment of Digital Cinema activities 
18 October 2017  Barco On track with slightly better sales in Q3 
14 September 2017  Benelux Preference List update 
18 July 2017  Barco Strong margin performance - No material change to estimates 
17 July 2017  Barco H1 2017 preview 
21 April 2017  Barco Weaker start of year but FY outlook unchanged 
17 March 2017  Barco No hard profitability targets but business case confirmed
09 February 2017 Barco Strong results and solid outlook
03 February 2017 Barco Significant midterm margin potential
10 January 2017 Benelux Preference List update

KBC Securities

Guy Sips - get phone number+32 2 429 30 02

07 December 2017  Small Cap Conference BXL 08122017 
05 December 2017  Barco feedback after the conference call on the new JV 
04 December 2017  Barco JV with China Film Co Appotronics and CITICPE 
18 October 2017  Barco Confirms FY outlook of flat sales and higher EBITDA 
18 September 2017  Barco Life begins at the end of your comfort zone 
19 July 2017  Barco FY17 sales to be in line with last year 
19 July 2017  Barco confcall feedback 
18 July 2017  Barco 1H17 preview still focused to perform 
21 April 2017  Barco Softening digital cinema demand in China in 1Q17 
31 March 2017  Barco selling its Lighting activity High End Systems 
17 March 2017  Barco reserving most of resources for growth investments
09 February 2017 Barco Solid sales growth and improved profitability (PDF)
07 February 2017 Barco CMD mid March will be bigger driver than results

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