Financial calendar

Financial calendar 2023

Start of quiet period to 4Q22 and FY22 results Monday 2 January 2023
Announcement of results 4Q22 and FY22 Thursday 9 February 2023
Conference call on the results 4Q22 and FY22 Thursday 9 February 2023
Publication Annual Report 2022 (subject to final approval by
Executive Management and the Statutory Auditor)
Thursday 9 February 2023
Start of quiet period prior to 1Q23 Trading update Monday 3 April 2023
Trading update 1Q23 Wednesday 19 April 2023
Annual General Shareholders Meeting Thursday 27 April 2023
Start of quiet period prior to 1H23 results Monday 3 July 2023
Announcement of results 1H23 Wednesday 19 July 2023
Conference call on the results 1H23 Wednesday 19 July 2023
Start of quiet period prior to 3Q23 Trading update Monday 2 October 2023
Trading update 3Q23 Wednesday 18 October 2023

Please note Barco’s IR policy regarding interaction with the financial community during silent periods:
Barco observes a silent period of four weeks prior to an earnings results announcement date to prevent disclosing earnings information and to ensure equality. According to Barco’s IR policy, during the silent period, Barco will refrain from answering questions or giving comments related to recent financial results, outcomes and performances. However in these periods, our IR team remains available and is still allowed to have conversations with the financial community to discuss topics such as long term objectives, structural market insights, long term corporate and business strategy…

In addition, in cases where the possibility arises during the silent period that business performance could deviate significantly from the already announced forecast, an appropriate disclosure will be made in accordance with the timely disclosure rules (Belgian code on Corporate Governance). Please note that even during the silent period, Barco will respond to questions within the scope of already released information.

Roadshow calendar 2023

Interested in meeting with Barco? Below you will find an overview of the planned roadshows and conferences.

Should there be any interest in these events, please contact us via

Please note that all events, dates and locations are subject to change without notice at any time.

Roadshow Brussels 10 February 2023
Roadshow USA (virtual) 13 February 2023
Roadshow London 14 February 2023
Roadshow Paris 15 February 2023 
Berenberg EU Opportunities Conference - London 14 March 2023
Roadshow Milan 22 March 2023
VFB Happening - Ghent 25 March 2023
Degroof - Petercam Benelux Conference - Madrid 29 March 2023
ING/BelIR/Euronext - Belgian Day - Amsterdam 30 March 2023
Roadshow Frankfurt  3 May 2023 
Berenberg US Conference - Tarrytown 24 May 2023
KBCS Flagship Conference "New Horizons" - London  8 June 2023
KBCS Small & MidCap Conference  14 December 2023

Tradeshows 2023

Barco participates to a large set of fairs & tradeshows to reach out to its customers, end-users and partners. 
If you would like to join us at any of these events, feel free to reach out to us.

Find also more info on Barco Tradeshows & Events