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  • If you want to dematerialize your Barco shares and transfer them from your share account to Barco’s nominative shareholders register, you need to contact your bank holding your share account.  Your bank must send the duly completed and signed instruction form made available by Euroclear (“Change of form demat into registered”) to Barco, whereupon Barco will also sign this form and forward it to Euroclear.  Euroclear will process the instruction so that your share account will be debited with the amount of shares you want to transfer to Barco’s nominative shareholders register and Barco’s account will be credited with the amount of shares transferred.

  • Upon the completion of this process, Barco will send you by registered mail a share certificate signed by two directors certifying that the transferred shares have been duly recorded in its nominative shareholders register.

  • As a nominative shareholder, you will be invited personally to our annual shareholders meeting and will receive any approved dividends directly on your account wired by Barco after deduction of any applicable taxes or duties.   Please be advised that the Federal Government of Belgium has decided that, from 1 January 2018, a tax of 0.15 % will be levied on all share accounts with a value in excess of 500.000 €.  Shares held in an issuer’s nominative shareholders register will not be subject to this tax.

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