Mental health and wellbeing

This page lists the actions we take to promote the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.

  • Barco offers multiple means to help employees balance their time at work and their time at home within the limits of business organization and local legislation. This can include the more flexible organization of working time or a flexible combination of working from home and at the office. Depending on local legislation, Barco also facilitates additional parental leave and short-term leave to enable employees to care for family members during sickness or to educate themselves.
  • To uncover and mitigate psychosocial risks, we apply the Health & Well-being Survey. It enables us to assess departments or groups on their potential for psychosocial risks and provides input for action plans. Through dedicated training courses, we help supervisors and HR business partners develop their coaching and leadership skills so they can motivate their teams, communicate openly and spot the warning signs of stress.
  • At several Barco sites, employees can approach trained confidants at all times. They are the primary go-to people in case of problems with supervisors, psychosocial issues, sexual discrimination and harassment, etc. Belgian employees and their family members struggling with psychosocial issues can get free professional advice and counsel through the employee assistance program. In times of crisis, they can call a dedicated hotline 24/7 and reach out to a competent professional to receive discrete and confidential advice or support with professional or personal questions or difficulties. In addition, we also offer the ‘FitForLife’ training program, which provides tips and tricks (via Skype or phone) to deal with stress in a proactive manner.
  • As an organization, Barco has established a clear vision and policy regarding the reintegration of employees after long-term sickness. From the moment the employee reports an illness to the moment of reintegration he or she can rely on internal support. When the employee is (partly) fit for work again, the reintegration process starts, which consists of different steps and includes close follow-up by the manager, HR business partner and occupational physician. In the context of the reintegration, Barco’s health & well-being officer convenes the welfare working group. This group elaborates the reintegration policy and carries out an annual evaluation. In addition, the health & well-being officer is part of the Social Medical Team (SMT). Together with the occupational physician and HR business partner, they investigate which of the employees in long-term illness can resume work.