Supplier Sustainability Program

The Supplier Sustainability Program aims to engage all Barco suppliers to commit to compliance with worldwide regulations and to sustainable development.
The Program is based on the following actions:

  • Product Compliance Requirements for Suppliers: all worldwide regulations and voluntary standards Barco suppliers need to comply with.
  • Training and awareness: we provide training to our core and key suppliers covering the latest updates in worldwide compliance and corporate social responsibility. We do this by organizing live webinars, providing documentation and references to current standards and regulations. As part of our training program, we have made the Barco Environmental Requirements guidance for suppliers.
  • Request for commitment to social responsibility: Barco suppliers are expected to comply with the standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain set out in the RBA Code of Conduct.
  • Barco Substances List: All Barco suppliers are requested to ensure compliance of their products with the Barco Substances List. The list incorporates all current substance restrictions and helps to minimize our products’ environmental footprint.
  • Follow-up: a system to audit and evaluate supplier performance based on environmental and sustainability criteria.
  • Data collection: since 2010, Barco’s Environmental Compliance Office collects substance information from all Barco suppliers for all products. This data collection is performed in collaboration with the company Greensoft Technology which provides a tool (Green Data Manager) where environmental data can be stored, maintained and reported. As part of our proactive approach to environmental compliance, we are following the international trend to opt for encouraging suppliers to provide a Full Material Disclosure of chemical substances contained in products. This will avoid efforts in updating suppliers’ certificates and it will help us in improving our ecodesign processes by allowing choosing materials that are less harmful to the environment. It will also allow us to anticipate future regulatory restrictions. Barco is also part of the project, a web-based industry platform for exchanging chemical information with the aim of ensuring compliance with RoHS, REACH and other global industry standards.

For more information about our Supplier Sustainability Program, please contact our Environmental Compliance Office at

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