Remote monitoring and service tool for Digital Cinema

CineCare Web

Barco’s CineCare Web is an easy-to-use online monitoring and service tool, guaranteeing maximum performance and uptime of your cinema equipment. Designed for the very specific needs of the cinema market, it is the most user-friendly remote monitoring tool available.

Flexible and scalable tool

Whether you are running just one screen or a nationwide network, CineCare Web gives you immediate access to your business-critical data and equipment. A flexible and scalable tool, you can simply add extra devices at any time without adding complexity.

Intelligent system

An accessible and open tool for exhibitors, integrators and service providers, CineCare Web supports multiple brands and offers immediate access to all available data from your installed base. This intelligent tool maximizes the information you can get out of your data.

Thanks to CineCare Web, you don’t have to be in your cinema to know it’s running well. Just hook up your equipment and login to CineCare Web to get connected, anywhere.

CineCare Web

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