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The power of partnerships

The ClickShare Alliance Program is open to vendors who offer products, applications and services that complement our ClickShare and ClickShare Conference portfolio. We share a joint vision to transform the meeting experience and equally thrive on innovation. Strong partnerships and strategic alliances enable state-of-the-art collaboration solutions addressing our customer needs.

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Why join our program?

Extended market reach

Marketing co-operation and joint business development activities with sales and a strong network of qualified channel partners help to expand our reach to market and realize broader market exposure.

Improved customer journey

Combined solutions, thoroughly tested to work seamlessly together, offer customers more compelling value propositions and much fewer interoperability issues. 

Quick route to revenue

A faster route to revenue as we can quickly scale sales coverage, market exposure and product development.

Faster time to market

As we align product roadmaps for future developments and innovation and work together on new integrated value propositions, we can launch new combined offerings much more quickly. 

Three partnership tiers

Our ClickShare Alliance Program represents a cooperation between Barco and you as a partner in the program with a rich set of benefits and requirements. The alliance partner program is tiered, and each tier has its own set of benefits and requirements. 


This “Tested-by-partner” program tier will allow the partner to quickly verify interoperability with our Clickshare portfolio and become listed on our ‘Compatible Devices’ list


This “Certification-by-Barco” program tier is specifically designed to ensure customer confidence on sustained compatibility. Foster our marketing and sales collaborative partnerships for mutual success.

Strategic Partner

Barco invites “Strategic Alliance Partners” into this advanced program tier based on deeper solution development, go-to-market engagement and sales and marketing alignment.

Discover more on the benefits and requirements of our ClickShare Alliance Program in our brochure

How to become a ClickShare Alliance Partner

Joining the ClickShare Alliance Partner Program is easy! 

Step 1: Explore

Familiarize yourself with the ClickShare Alliance Partner Program and its benefits and requirements.

Step 2: Apply

Complete the application form on-line 

Step 3: Verify

Verify your solutions’ compatibility with ClickShare or ClickShare Conference using the guidelines that will be provided by the Barco Alliance team.
If your devices already are “Compatible with ClickShare Conference” and you would like to get them “Certified” please contact the Barco Alliance team.

Step 4: ClickShare Alliance Partner

You are now a valued partner of our ClickShare Alliance Program and can use the ‘Compatible with’ or ‘Certified for’ partner badge in all of your communications to the outside world.

Step 5: Market

Market your solutions together with Barco’s ClickShare portfolio to offer your customers the best collaboration experience

Explore the ClickShare Alliance Partner Program benefits and requirements

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