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This is what wireless hybrid meetings should sound like

Nureva audio solutions and ClickShare Conference are working together to make hybrid meeting as easy as possible – so you can get down to the work that matters most. Spontaneous meetings aren’t held up by delays logging in. No one needs to touch screens or microphones. And remote team members can hear every word, regardless of where participants are in the room and the direction they face.

ClickShare Conference makes it easy for people to host meetings from personal devices, creating a highly flexible, wireless “bring your own meeting” experience that takes less than 7 seconds to get started. It’s a perfect match for Nureva’s easy and flexible audio solutions, which uses patented Microphone Mist™ technology to provide full-room audio coverage without the need for an expensive, complicated setup.

Creating the flexibility we need

Nureva audio conferencing systems and ClickShare Conference are a great match for all mid-size and large BYOD spaces. Everything and everyone simply connects.

Start a meeting with your preferred conferencing platform by plugging the ClickShare Conference Button into your laptop and clicking it. Immediately, your laptop connects to Nureva’s high-quality combined microphone and speaker bar. Even if you need to rearrange a space for different types of meetings, the Nureva® HDL200, HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems never need to be moved. Continuous autocalibration means that the audio system is always ready – no tinkering required.

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Consistent and reliable audio for BYOM spaces

Nureva’s audio conferencing systems are powered by patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones for true full-room coverage to ensure remote participants can hear every word. ClickShare Conference perfectly connects with the advanced audio solutions from Nureva, offering an immersive BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) experience for both in-room and remote attendees.

Easy to install, seamless user experience

Installing an HDL200, HDL300 or Dual HDL300 system and connecting it to a ClickShare Base Unit takes 30 minutes or less (60 for the Dual HDL300). There’s no complicated wiring required – just connect with a USB cable and you’re set to go.

Meeting participants can easily host meetings with their own device using any UC&C platform. With ClickShare Conference, you don’t need any cables. Just plug in the Button and the Nureva audio system, USB camera and display will be recognized. You can wirelessly share your content for easy conferencing.

Solutions that work for every space

Nureva audio conferencing systems and ClickShare products can be combined in multiple ways to suit the size and use case of virtually any meeting space. Thanks to Nureva audio’s continuous calibration which easily adapts to changing room configurations and seating arrangements, you easily can reconfigure spaces with no need for manual system adjustments.

Engaging meeting experiences for in-room and remote participants

Discover the combinations of superior wireless conference solutions from Barco and Nureva audio solutions for all your meeting rooms. All tested and fully compatible.

Getting connected

Connecting any of these Nureva audio systems to ClickShare Conference is easy. Just plug in a USB cable and you’re set to go. When users start a meeting from their personal devices, the Nureva audio system will be recognized and available.

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