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Create the workplace culture employees love and customers benefit from.

Korbyt Anywhere is the workplace experience platform that makes it easy to reach and engage your workforce to deliver personalized, secure information to any enterprise communication channel or device. Create content in multiple formats and easily publish to digital signage displays, desktop and mobile devices, and email inboxes. Then measure the effectiveness of your communications to drive business outcomes.
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Korbyt Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Enhancing Collaboration Spaces, Together.

Unite the strengths of Barco’s Clickshare devices with the capabilities of Korbyt’s digital signage platform to impress, inspire and inform employees, visitors and customers with relevant communications on every meeting room and collaboration space display.

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Collaboration Spaces: Extend your communications to meeting room and collaboration displays. When your meeting room and collaboration displays are not in use, maximize your reach and engage employees with targeted, digital signage content and information that informs, educated and activates your workforce.

Digital Signage: Korbyt Anywhere is an intelligent content management system (CMS) that enables ultimate control for your digital signage. Choose from a vast library of pre-existing templates or use Korbyt Anywhere’s Photoshop-like design tools to create new static or dynamic layouts with your choice of images, video, text, and data.

Mobile & Web: Reach your hybrid workforce no matter where they are located with Korbyt’s enterprise mobile app and modern intranet. Create content in multiple formats, publish once, and connect your people to personalized, relevant content and information that increase engagement, productivity, and retention.

Validated Peripherals

Device Peripheral firmware ClickShare Conference firmware Solution area Type Interoperability
Korbyt Anywhere 02.11 (latest) Productivity Solutions Digital Signage Certified

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15770 N. Dallas Pkwy Suite 1100
Dallas Texas
United States

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