Seamless hybrid meetings with Q-SYS and ClickShare

Q-SYS is an cloud-managable audio, video and control platform that enables a seamless meeting experience in high-value spaces, from boardrooms and training rooms to flexible and immersive spaces. It offers integration of any modern conferencing platform via single, USB connection, allowing for easy scalability of the familiar meeting experience into high-value spaces. Q-SYS  is also an open platform, enabling a greater Ecosystem of integration opportunities from Q-SYS Partners like Barco, to tailor a unique end-user experience in any space.

With Q-SYS from QSC and Barco’s ClickShare wireless conferencing and presentation solutions, you have everything you need to make seamless hybrid meetings possible in your high-value meeting spaces. 

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Bring Your Own Meeting in high-value rooms and leverage the performance of the rooms’ AV systems

With Barco’s ClickShare wireless conferencing and presentation solution integrated into the greater Q-SYS ecosystem, flexibility and usability are enhanced even more. ClickShare and Q-SYS can be combined in several ways to allow for either BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) – hosting your meeting from your laptop with your preferred UC&C tool.

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Benefits of Barco & Q-SYS in your meeting rooms

Collaborate your way in any high-end meeting room

Choose BYOM or BYOD. Q-SYS and Barco ClickShare enables you to bring your own device into high-value meeting spaces, and benefit from Q-SYS full-featured DSP processing and software-based control engine, along with a full portfolio of native Q-SYS audio, video and control products. . Three scenarios are possible:

  1. Q-SYS and ClickShare Conference in a UC&C platform-agnostic room: This allows for full BYOM (use any device, any UC&C platform) in any space.
  2. Q-SYS and ClickShare Conference in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room: This configuration allows you to use your own device and switch to your preferred UC&C platform (BYOM). For example, this allows for a Zoom call in a room designed with a Teams room computer device. You can also wirelessly share content to the display and automatically connect to the AV in the room.
  3. Q-SYS and ClickShare Present in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room: This allows you to bring your own device (BYOD) and wirelessly share content to the room display in a Teams Room or Zoom Room environment, without having to force all attendees to run the VC application on their own device.

Get easy access to high-end audio & video

Q-SYS and ClickShare enable you to meet on your own terms, even in high-value meeting spaces, by using the device you are familiar with, and the conferencing software you prefer. Just connect and take advantage of the meeting room peripherals to create a more immersive experience. ClickShare also makes remote participants feel part of the meeting by stimulating engagement and offering more interaction features. You can use your personal workflow, and there’s no need to switch to device mode.

Drive BYOM adoption in a simple way

Q-SYS and ClickShare make it possible to roll out and scale a true BYOM way of working throughout the enterprise more quickly and easily. Thecollective system is easy to use, require no training, and will result in less IT support tickets. Fully connected and integrated into your network, Q-SYS and ClickShare devices are easy to manage and monitor remotely.

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Which Q-SYS and Barco ClickShare configuration is right for your meeting room? 

How to set up your high-value meeting space for better hybrid meetings

Find the wiring diagrams for your usage scenario. Here's how you can add our solutions to the perfect set-up for your space. Click the image to expand.

Q-SYS and ClickShare Conference in a Teams Room and Zoom Room

Q-SYS and ClickShare Present in a Teams Room and Zoom Room

Q-SYS and ClickShare Conference in a UC&C platform-agnostic room

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