Barco and Seenspire Alliance partnership

Engaging digital signage on your ClickShare unit with Seenspire

Engaging your employees and company guests with fresh content is challenging. Office managers and HR managers are struggling to always find or create up-to-date information and when they do, it’s hard and time-consuming to reformat, upload and publish to public displays. With Seenspire’s content solution for digital signage integrated into your ClickShare wireless room systems, you have content on autopilot and always have recent, up-to-date content available to inform, inspire and engage your employees and meeting guests. 


Use Seenspire’s content solution with your ClickShare room system to inform, inspire and engage meeting room users 

Thanks to Seenspire and ClickShare, IT managers can maximize the return on investment of their meeting room displays and conferencing systems by using them as enterprise-grade digital signage systems whenever the meeting displays are not used for conferencing or presenting. 

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Benefits of Barco and Seenspire in the workplace

Engage guests before and after meetings 

The moments before and after meetings are great opportunities to engage meeting room guests with targeted messages. Unfortunately, static images or meeting room instructions are hardly engaging. Thanks to Seenspire and ClickShare, you can now take full advantage of these before and after moments to display dynamic, up-to-minute on-brand, localized and personalized angecy-grade content in your ClickShare-equipped meeting rooms. 

Use Seenspire and ClickShare to publish: 

  • Social media posts from your company’s LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Employee-generated content from Slack or MS Teams Channels
  • Live traffic information 
  • Nature clips
  • Local or national weather
  • Digital art
  • News feeds 

Maximize the ROI of your meeting room technology

With the integration of Seenspire and ClickShare, you can enhance your wireless room system with digital signage and content streaming capabilities. Now you can effortlessly extend the functionality of your meeting room systems and displays from presenting and conferencing towards digital signage. 

Agency-grade design 

Seenspire automatically designs the content of your posts coming from collaboration apps, social media and infotainment and makes digital signage accessible to your ClickShare Conference and ClickShare Present-equipped meeting rooms. Seenspire allows you to personalize content feeds with a one-time setup of your logo, colors and font to stay consistent with your brand. Seenspire content is delivered to your ClickShare system as a simple URL stream which you schedule in your ClickShare XMS. 

Always in control

You can automatically curate content with custom Word and profile filters and enable multilingual profanity filters. Additionally, your team can also manually curate content.

Automate digital signage with Collaboration apps (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex Teams) 

You can also use Seenspire to set up targeted communication in designated channels in your collaboration apps. Seenspire will automatically design and format the content of your posts coming from collaboration apps and makes digital signage accessible to everyone in the organization, whether they work in the office or remotely.

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