Barco and Signagelive Alliance partnership

Impactful digital signage from Signagelive through your ClickShare room system

ClickShare and Signagelive now offer the ideal way to boost collaboration and communication in the workplace. Thanks to the integration of Signagelive with ClickShare Conference, you can instantly maximize the investment of your room system. Use ClickShare as an enterprise-grade digital signage player to impress, inspire and inform meeting room visitors through the meeting room displays across your facility. 


Make the most out of your meeting room space and have ClickShare double up as a digital signage player

Use Signagelive to turn your ClickShare room system into a corporate branding tool whenever the meeting room screens are not used for presentations or conferencing, and start exchanging information like welcome messages, news, social feeds, customized, branded content, and more. 

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Benefits of Barco and Signagelive in the workplace

Strengthen staff communications

Real-time staff communication is challenging with today’s often dispersed hybrid workforce. With Signagelive integrated into your ClickShare room system, you can make the most of those precious minutes before and after meetings, when team members are gathered together in one room.

Publish targeted content on selected conference room screens, including:

  • Your company Outlook or Google calendar, presenting meeting room availability
  • Invites to your company’s social or corporate events
  • Welcome messages to new employees or guests
  • Weather, news or stock widgets
  • Company data dashboards and progress on key objectives

Maximize ROI of your meeting room technology

With the integration of Signagelive and ClickShare, you can enhance your wireless conferencing room system with digital signage capabilities without having to invest in additional screens or media players. Now you can effortlessly extend the functionality of your meeting room displays from presenting and conferencing towards digital signage.

If you are already using digital signage, then you can expand your digital signage network into your boardrooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces at a fraction of the usual cost. Alternatively, if you have never installed digital signage before, you can use ClickShare to try it out cost-effectively, before you commit to investing in any larger-scale roll-out.

Easy to use and manage

The simplicity of using Signagelive with ClickShare is striking, both for end users and IT managers. Content administrators can simply publish and push content from their Signagelive software to all -meeting rooms equipped with ClickShare Conference or ClickShare Present or to other digital signage installations in different locations. And as an IT manager, you will also appreciate the painless set-up, configuration and management.

With Signagelive, you can use ClickShare as an enterprise-level digital signage player. This means that you can securely roll out content in minutes to even the largest networks of ClickShare room systems. Just use your XMS Cloud Management Platform to replace the static image URL by the address of the Signagelive browser player, and you are good to go.

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