Yamaha UC Certified Alliance Partnership

Sound matters in an intuitive video conferencing experience

The “Bring-Your-Own-Meeting” room solutions combining Yamaha UC conference phones and Barco ClickShare Conference offer an immersive wireless conferencing experience with exceptional audio quality in your meeting rooms. This powerful combination has been tested to work seamlessly together and makes remote and hybrid collaboration easier and more natural than ever before.

Unrivalled audio quality and unique simplicity in hybrid meetings

Just bring your own meeting, start a videocall from your laptop with the Unified Communications platform of your choice and in a matter of seconds you are connected and collaborating with your colleagues. With high quality configurations available for every meeting room size, Barco ClickShare and Yamaha UC conference phones offer you the flexibility and scalability you need in today’s digital workplace!

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A high-quality conferencing experience

Yamaha UC’s innovative sound technologies delivers full, clear audio to every corner of the room for a smooth and stress-free conversation. Barco’s ClickShare Conference range brings premium wireless conferencing and remote collaboration. Even Better Together

Ease of use

Barco’s ClickShare Wireless Conference range is designed to work seamlessly with Yamaha UC’s audio devices and your display camera set-up without the hassle of physically connecting devices using cables and adapters. This makes remote meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings.

Agnostic Unified Communication platform

Barco ClickShare and Yamaha UC conference phones work with all existing UC platforms. Just bring your own meeting and collaborate seamlessly with all meeting participants.


With a wide range of products and features, Barco ClickShare Conferencing and Yamaha UC conference phones offer device configurations that perfectly match your room, group size, and collaboration needs.


Engaging meeting experiences for in-room and remote participants

Discover the wide range of combinations of Barco ClickShare Conference solutions with products and features by Yamaha Unified Communications. Enjoy the immersive collaboration experience that perfectly matches any meeting room size you require.

How to set-up your meeting room for better hybrid meetings

Discover wiring diagrams for your type of meeting room. Here's how you can add our solutions to the perfect set-up for your space. Click the image to expand.

Large meeting room

Medium meeting room

Small meeting room

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