Set up your ClickShare Button

Let's get you started!

Step 1: Pair your Button

There are 2 ways to pair Buttons with a ClickShare Base Unit. 

To pair directly on the Base Unit:

  1. plug the Button into the Unit. (When you want to pair a USB-C Button, you need a USB-A adapter)
  2. Wait until the LED strip stops flashing. 
  3. Finally unplug the Button. 
  4. It’s now ready for use. 

Next to this you can pair Buttons remotely, using the free Button Manager software.

With this security feature you ensure that your Button will only work with a specific Base Unit. Pairing also updates your Button to the latest Button firmware.

Step 2: Use the Button to share

Plug the Button in your laptop, open the ClickShare client.

When the LED strip on the Button changes to static white, it is ready to share. 

Click, the LED becomes static red and the content of your screen is now on the meeting room display.

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