Why choose Barco ClickShare over Mersive Solstice?

To a degree, meeting-room technology should be almost invisible. Meetings are all about exchanging ideas or data and coming to decisions. They should not be about technology. So the goal is absolute simplicity, not complexity.

If you consider that the majority of meeting-room users are not tech savvy- they just want to plug in their device and go – then there are fundamental reasons for choosing ClickShare as preferred wireless collaboration solution when looking for wireless presentation and/or wireless conferencing.

Let’s look at these two systems from the perspective of a system owner in this comparison article on Barco ClickShare and Mersive Solstice.

ClickShare: intuitive by design

Mersive Solstice is marketed as a collaboration solution. But it’s worth remembering that deep down it’s actually a custom design for a more technical and educational environment. This has consequences as we will see below.

This is not to say the software doesn’t enable users to share content: it just hasn’t been designed with the needs of consistent business experience in mind. Which means sharing is not that simple.

Compare it to Barco’s ClickShare, which was designed from the floor up for people attending meetings. It’s a bespoke, wireless presentation solution that’s been created by – and for – people who are frustrated by unnecessary technical complexity in meetings. It has been engineered off the back of user research and is experience-focused. And it’s designed for actual human interaction. ClickShare had no long list of over-engineered features but focused entirely on the experience of the user,. 

Tailored to your environment

Barco ClickShare is a connected, IT grade solution that supports any infrastructure configuration that a company might deploy: whether standalone, hybrid or fully networked. As ISO 27001 certified product, the focus is entirely on security, which is essential with network integrations.

With Solstice, on the other hand, operating in a standalone mode means you can connect only to the Solstice Pod or the network, not to both at the same time. Surfing the web mid-meeting for a website is not possible, and don’t even think about sending diary invitations for follow-up meetings. While this can  be useful in education environments and smaller enterprises, ClickShare never bridges networks, it operates in the corporate world where this is simply not acceptable. 

Solstice: consider the total cost of ownership

Like any technology that one buys these days, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership. In the case of Solstice, your business will have to pay 20 percent of the purchase price again, every year, just to keep the technology up to date.

As part of its commitment to business, ClickShare customers not only receive free firmware updates but also complimentary management tools. These include Button Manager and XMS Management Platform, an administration tool that updates and manages your ClickShare devices remotely and conveniently and gives you insightful analytics to further improve your collaborative meeting room solutions.

Here’s how the total cost of ownership for ClickShare and Solstice breaks down:

Collaboration is all about the experience

ClickShare’s user experience is simple and intuitive. There are no multi-step instructions. No training. No manuals. No software to download and install. Just seamless sharing to the meeting room screen. The clue is in the name: you simply click the Button or Virtual Button in the Desktop App and share. This ease of use saves time and helps you make the most of the time you’ve booked for meetings. Acceptance by your visitors is pretty much instantaneous. Since ClickShare offers free updates, you are always sure to have working units available in your meeting rooms. With ClickShare users have the freedom to chose between sharing with a Button or an App (for both laptop & desktop as for mobile devices). In fact combining both in one and the same meeting offers a richer and interactive way of collaboration.

The Solstice approach is to be as feature-rich as possible. Unfortunately, many of these extras mean little to the user and don’t make collaboration any easier. By overloading the user with complicated or distracting features, like room scheduling, complex lay-outing, the need of mobile apps to be able to annotate and RSS feeds, the sharing experience becomes more confusing than it needs to be. The  danger to have obsolete units is real if your business doesn’t keep up its subscription to firmware updates.

Warranty? What warranty?

Continuity is important. Mersive Solstice offers a one-year warranty for its hardware and nothing else, not even the option to extend this past a year.

With Barco ClickShare, you know that the technology was designed with user experience at its core and that the product will continue to perform. However, for extra peace of mind, Barco offers a free three-year warranty on ClickShare products. And you get the option to extend this up to 5 years for extra peace of mind. For the ClickShare Conference range the coverage is 5 years.

Only the best for your guests

With Mersive, guests have to find out where to download the Mersive client online or have an unprotected, off-the-shelf USB dongle available to run the Solstice software. Good thing they have added a HDMI input to the unit so guests can share with a cable.

With Barco, the ClickShare Button offers a 100% secure connection for guests and employees, with no security threat to you or your company – something worth considering in this day and age. Guests just plug the ClickShare Button into their device, start the application and share their content using the room’s audio-visual equipment. Nothing could be simpler – or more secure. No wonder ClickShare is the most popular wireless presentation & conferencing system on the market. In short, a few important things to know before buying:

  It is very easy to connect and display content, from whatever laptop. We truly feel like ClickShare raises the productivity of our meetings. We no longer waste time on technical hiccups.
Jan Leuridan, CEO, LMS (a Siemens company)

ClickShare Conference is the answer

Collaboration via the quick Button

Access a set of collaborative features. Get a copy of the main screen on your laptop & easily view content in full detail. It also opens up a range of advanced functions.

Triple agnostic

ClickShare can be used on your laptop or desktop, connects instantly with your brand of peripherals  and works with your conferencing platform (UC).

ISO 27001 certified

As first wireless collaboration technology to obtain ISO 27001 Certification, we commit to the right processes and structures for the highest international security standards.

Management dashboard

Managing ClickShare across your business is simple with our XMS (Cloud) Management Platform.


Includes five years of coverage and a license to the XMS insights module, as well as increased service levels.

Network integration

Whether you want to connect one unit to the network via ethernet or create a dedicated VLAN for all ClickShare units, you can integrate seamlessly within your network.

Product brochure

Be sure to download the ClickShare brochure to share freely with your colleagues or to consult later.
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