What's new in the latest Firmware update?

With each new firmware release, we’re adding a set of new functionalities to our ClickShare Present and ClickShare Conference devices to give you an improved user experience, easy management and increased security. Because you deserve impeccable meeting experiences. Keep your units powerful, secure and efficient. Check what's new in the latest release!

What's new for ClickShare Conference?

  • Enjoy the magic of wireless conferencing with the ClickShare App*. (Whether you plug in the ClickShare Button or run our Desktop App, you get exactly the same ease of use!)
  • Walk in and connect. The PresentSense functionality makes sure you seamlessly connect to the room's ClickShare Base Unit.
  • Share your content on the full display.  Presenters can use the complete pixel space of their room display to share their content, thanks to ClickShare’s Theater Mode.

But there’s even more to enjoy with this new release:

  • Improved experience on tablet: the ClickShare Mobile App now has an optimized layout.
  • Improved peripheral management: easily keep Logitech MeetUp and Rally peripherals up-to-date and compatible by installing Barco-certified peripheral firmware through the ClickShare Configurator.
  • Enhanced camera quality: dynamic camera quality, which ensures maximum fluency and minimum latency.

Need a hand with the upgrade?

Unsure how to run the latest firmware on your ClickShare devices? Let’s get you started! 

We guide you through the entire process.

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Why upgrade? Check our 10 reasons to update.

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