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Hybrid working & meeting as new reality in the public sector

How can governments, institutions and public services prepare for a post-pandemic, new way of working? Discover the possibilities of innovative, simple and easy tech solutions like ClickShare Conference to connect in-office and remote politicians, officials and executives.

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Governments in the midst of a technology revolution 

In just a few months’ time, the COVID-19 pandemic forced public sector organizations to make the shift to remote and hybrid working (i.e. employees working partly remote and partly in the office). In a sector that was mainly focused on direct, face-to-face communication between employees and citizens, the acceleration of the digital transformation was unprecedented.

The adoption of the use of video in meetings is lower in the public sector. Only 49% in the public sector use video versus 67% of employees in general.
(Barco, Future of meetings research)

Now that the reality has changed, the public sector embraces tech solutions that enable remote and hybrid collaboration, so crucial for safety, productivity and emotional wellbeing. Public institutions have a huge role to play in the transformative change towards efficient, digital working and meeting. Today local and state governments can become the pacesetter for hybrid working – beyond lockdown periods – and be a source of inspiration for the private sector. The  public sector needs to find a balance between physical in-office and remote meeting.

• Can we organize engaging municipal meetings when some councilors are at home?
• Can we set an example for hybrid meetings to our citizens?
• Can we get our in-office and remote officials collaborating seamlessly?
• Can we encourage firm decision-making with politicians in different locations?

Are you responsible for enabling and implementing hybrid working solutions in your organization? Read on and discover the possibilities.

Future challenges and trends for meetings in state and local organizations

Public-sector leaders are on the lookout for intuitive technological solutions that enable easy collaboration between executives and politicians, no matter where they are. Government CIOs and IT managers need to find ways that technology can reduce costs, create efficiencies, and improve outcomes for both citizens and businesses. Still trends like cybersecurity, mobility, IoT, social and environmental issues need to be taken into account when implementing future-proof, secure and efficient tech solutions for hybrid working and meeting.

73% of civil servants feel confident using tech in the office.
(Barco, Future of meetings research)

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Of course, solutions for meeting rooms and council halls need these non-negotiables to enable productive, easy meetings:

Simplicity and ease-of use

Decision-making with a part of executives working remote is challenging. ClickShare Conference makes any videocall seamless, simple and engaging for both in-room and remote participants. Start a call from your laptop, easily use your preferred UC&C tool (like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex...) and benefit from existing audio and video peripherals. With only a single click you start a videocall and share content to all.

Installation and management of ClickShare Conference is easy, with tools like the XMS management platform.  


Data leaks are your  worst nightmare, so technology must be robust to all risks. That’s why ClickShare Conference products are ISO 27001 certified and designed to be the most secure on the market, both in hardware, software and even on a process level.

Proven ROI

With ClickShare there is no need for any additional investments within current meeting room set-up. There's no vendor lock-in when it comes to AV peripherals or to videoconferencing platforms. Our products work with your existing solutions. TCO remains low and your investments are futureproof.

ClickShare Conference is easy to setup and use. The IT team does not have to explain the tool, because it's so straightforward.
Jeroen Lannoo
Head of IT at City of Menin

Clickshare Conference shares the apps from your laptop onto the meeting room screen, and wirelessly connects your video call with the camera and speakers of the room. Simple, easy, wireless. It’s your all-inclusive presenting and conferencing solution that removes all the frustrations of hybrid working. 

A long-term approach to innovation

The need for smart solutions to present and collaborate seamlessly is universal. Public sector, however, typically takes longer to implement innovation, not being able to freely invest in new tech like the private sector does. Still, our sustainable and future-proof approach saves you a lot of money and time in the long run. That’s why we carefully consider the needs and challenges of your sector and tailor our offer accordingly.

Five-year warranty as standard

Free access to our XMS Management platform

Guaranteed TCO

Tailored offers for the public sector

We believe in the great importance of empowering technology in the sector that works towards our common good.


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