Let’s get you upgraded

We recently released version 1.9.1. of the ClickShare software. Thanks to this upgrade you can:

  • Enjoy ClickShare in full confidence, with the latest security improvements
  • Automatically launch the ClickShare button
  • Benefit from the latest ClickShare features

Download & install ClickShare 1.9.1.

Need a hand with the upgrade?

We can guide you through the entire process. Book an online session with a ClickShare specialist today.

We take your security seriously

At Barco, cyber security is an ever-ongoing process that we take very seriously.

  • ClickShare is ISO27001 certified. This means that we have all processes in place to deliver secure products to the market. 
  • We frequently upgrade our software to higher security standards, just like a professional software company is supposed to do.

The good news? With the ClickShare firmware upgrade, unauthorized access to a ClickShare unit will be even harder. At least, you will need to physically access the unit. This means entering your company building and then tampering with the unit (via soldering). Sending a phishing mail is probably safer and easier.