Are DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels supported?


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No, we do not support DFS channels in standalone mode.

In Corporate Mode, if you are using DFS channels (50-144), please be aware that the Button will not connect and will continue flashing white.

Since the July 2019 release (version for CSE-200+, it is possible to use channels 52 - 64 ( UNII-2A) in Corporate Mode for Europe.

Since the release of firmware version, DFS channels support for Buttons has been added:

  • Only Buttons R9861500D01 and R9861500D01C are supported;
  • ClickShare Buttons updated with firmware version will be able to connect to DFS channels (52 - 64) in the UNII-2A band;
  • Functionality restricted to Buttons paired with a Base Unit with the EU or NA SKU extension
  • On CSE-200+, channels (100 - 128) in UNII-2C is also available in the above-mentioned SKUs



Last updated Jul 29 2020

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