Why does the white light (the LED ring) keep flashing on the ClickShare Button?


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Please be aware there is an outdated hardware version of the ClickShare Button in circulation, which is no longer compatible with recent firmware versions 1.8. For more information, please see [KB9639].

The outdated version (Gen1) Button will no longer work with the existing CS or CSE Base Unit models, please see [KB9646].


The LED ring on your ClickShare Button indicates the current status of the Button [KB6338]. When it is blinking white it indicates that the Button is trying to connect to the ClickShare Base Unit or that you still need to run the application from the ClickShare drive.

Troubleshooting white light flashing

When the ClickShare Button flashes white:

  • Activate the Button by starting the application on the ClickShare Drive.
    • Windows:

    • macOS:

  • After activation, the LED ring on your ClickShare Button should stop flashing.
    If the Button is still blinking white it indicates that the Button is still trying to connect.
    If it does not stop flashing, please re-pair the ClickShare Button with the Base Unit. See [KB3922].

  • If the ClickShare Button still doesn't connect after re-pairing please check the firmware version of the Base Unit or contact your local IT to do this. Make sure you run the latest firmware on the Base Unit and Button.

  • If still failing or hardware failure is suspected and your device is still under warranty, please contact your point of sale who can help you get a warranty replacement.



Last updated Apr 23 2020

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