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In this KB you can find some basic troubleshooting steps for if you cannot connect to the ClickShare Wi-Fi network. 

The troubleshooting mentioned below is only applicable if the Base Unit is configured in standalone mode.

Network SSID is not visible

If you cannot see the ClickShare SSID, see [KB1306]

No WiFi connectivity with Base Unit

Ensure correct SSID (Base Unit Wi-Fi) is selected (default is ClickShare-<serial base number>) from the network list

Example: Windows

Example: macOS

Base Unit weak WiFi signal strength 
  • Wireless congestion: Use wireless network scan tools to look for free or the least congested channels. You can select a new channel from the ClickShare configurator

  • Base Unit placed is at a farther distance: Move the Base Unit closer to the meeting room

  • Physical Obstruction: Remove or limit as much as possible all unnecessary objects blocking the Base Unit Wi-Fi

  • Antenna orientation: Reorient the Base Unit antennas
Network SSID is visible but not able to connect
  • Incorrect password: Ensure a correct password is entered for connecting to the Wi-Fi network of your Base Unit. The default Wi-Fi password is clickshare.
    In case unable to connect, reset the password (or contact your administrator to do this). Password can be reset in the Base Unit WebUI.
    When setting a custom password in the Base Unit WebUI please keep in mind that only ASCII characters are supported and that the passwords are case sensitive.

  • If you are using a mobile device, check settings on the Base Unit WebUI. (Or contact your administrator to do this)
    • Incorrect Wi-Fi Settings: Ensure correct frequency band is selected and also check the compatibility of your mobile device with the ClickShare Wi-Fi, 
      ClickShare Base Units can operate in either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, except for the CSE-800 that has concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi. See [KB1306].
    • Mobile Device Settings disabled: Check the settings (Wi-Fi & Networks > Services) on your Base Unit WebUI and ensure that mobile services are enabled (or contact your administrator to do this)
    • Security level set to level 3: Change the security settings (Security > Security Level) to level 1 or level 2 on your Base Unit WebUI  (or consult your administrator to do this) according to your company security policy. See [KB5021].



Last updated Apr 14 2020

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