How to activate Network Integration from firmware 1.8 onwards


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This KB article describes activating network integration on ClickShare from firmware version 1.8 onwards.


Network integration is not available on the ClickShare CX-range (Base Unit with model C 3010S and C 5010S) upon launch of the product. This functionality will be added later.


From firmware 1.8 onwards, the Network Integration wizard has been removed from the Configurator in order to provide more flexibility to the user. With the updated network integration functionality, the following elements have been separated that was coupled into one action when activating network integration up until firmware 1.7.1 onwards.

  • Enabling Button integration within the corporate network
  • Disabling the Base Unit Wi-Fi to disallow direct connections

This change has two major advantages 

  • It offers the possibility to enable presence detection for the desktop app when Buttons are integrated within the network.
  • It offers the possibility to enable direct connections to the Base Unit while the buttons are connected to the corporate access points. This mainly benefits guest users to start sharing using the ClickShare apps, Airplay or Google Cast.


  1. In the Buttons menu, click Edit settings

  2. Select the menu-option External Access Point from the drop-down menu Buttons connect to and fill out the Corporate Access Point settings
    Don’t forget to re-pair the Buttons afterwards. The Buttons will now share content over the corporate network.

  3. Optionally, you can manually disable or enable the Base Unit Wi-Fi within the Wi-Fi & Network menu




Last updated Feb 02 2021

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