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    wePresent is the main solution that Barco has strategically placed into the education vertical to help not only support student content sharing, but also to enable the educator to have control and monitoring of the entire class as they vie for sharing time within the lesson plan.  We have devised a very easy a way to MODERATE the devices ( i.e. laptops, tablets, phones, Chromebooks ) that are connected and waiting to present content to the main display, all controlled by the educator themselves in real time. This enables them to ensure that there is no inappropriate content that makes it to the main display, but also allows them to select as they see fit the device that they would like share at any time.  We also support native AirPlay  for iOS and Mac users for ease of use with those devices.

    MirrorOp is the main software that is used to connect most devices described above. It is a one-time download onto the device being shared and can also be pushed out over the network if you choose to perform the task in that manner. It is considered as an MSI file, the IT department will know what this refers to.

    The Quick Start  Guides for WiCS-2100 and WiPG-1600, can also be a nice tool to get a jump start on your wePresent  journey as it gives the user a fast track to connectivity. These can be laminated and distributed throughout the class if need be, but it only  takes one or two times to for the user to connect before they have the process down.

    Barco has had a lot of success in the education space the last few years and the trend is continuing to flourish as we move through 2019. That Said, a lot of our users have several, if not hundreds, and needed a comprehensive way to update FW, make changes to the unit itself, etc… so we developed a FREE platform to manage the wePresent  devices and it is referred to as the Collaborative Management Suite and can be uploaded to the users server or can be used on a virtual machine.  This is an easy way to make necessary changes to the devices without having to go room to room to do it, this is all done over the network, which  is yet another reason to have the units on some sort of network connection as we discussed.


Other resources:

MirrorOp for Chromebooks: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mirrorop-sender/jdifegpjomjhfmicjemdadmbihdbcljg?hl=en

Airplay Compatibility Matrix: https://www.barco.com/en/support/wepresent-wics-2100/knowledge-base/KB7843

MirrorOP Bandwidth Usage: https://www.barco.com/en/support/wepresent-wics-2100/knowledge-base/KB5167

MirrorOp Features: https://www.barco.com/en/support/wepresent-wics-2100/knowledge-base/KB5153




Last updated Sep 17 2019

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