ClickShare Windows Driver 1.18.0 release


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ClickShare Windows Driver 1.18.0 is available in the Windows Update Store!

In line with this, some changes were made to the ClickShare Button app in the latest releases to solve a security issue.

In order to have the ClickShare Windows Driver 1.18.0 properly functioning on your laptop, make sure that your ClickShare Base Units are upgraded (and buttons are paired) to the following versions:

CS(E) devices: 1.10.0 or higher
CX devices: 2.5.0 or higher

What does this mean for you?

Once the ClickShare Windows Driver 1.18.0 is available via the Windows Update Store, the laptops (connected to the internet) will automatically update their ClickShare Windows Driver to the latest version according to the Windows Update mechanism (actual rollout schedule may depend on your local IT settings).

So it is important to have the ClickShare Base Units updated to the appropriate version before the ClickShare Windows Driver 1.18.0 is installed on your Windows machines!

If the base unit is not updated in time and users do not have the ClickShare Extension Pack installed, the button client will not start automatically upon plugging in. Users will have to manually open the ClickShare drive and launch Clickshare.exe.

If users have the ClickShare Extension Pack installed, the button client will still start automatically and there is no issue. Of course, we still recommend keeping your ClickShare Base Units up to date to minimize the risk of issues and to work in the most secure way!



Last updated Sep 22 2020

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