Do I need admin rights on my laptop to use ClickShare?


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Administrative rights

No, you do not need administrative rights on your laptop (Windows or Mac) to use ClickShare.

You can use ClickShare by manually starting the application when you plug in a Button into your laptop.

By installing the ClickShare Launcher (part of ClickShare Extension Pack) on your laptop you ensure that the ClickShare application starts automatically every time you plug a button into your computer. See [KB4996].

However, you do need administrative rights to install the ClickShare Launcher on your Windows PC or Mac.


Applicable only to CS-100(H) and CSE-(200/200+/800) Base Units!

ClickShare windows driver ( is released together with ClickShare firmware version 1.8.

The ClickShare windows driver for the ClickShare Button allows the ClickShare to be started up automatically, without any manual action of the user, comparable to the ClickShare Launcher.

For the Windows driver for ClickShare to work, the Button needs to be updated to release 1.8. This will happen automatically thanks to the update over WiFi mechanism. Alternatively, they can be paired and updated manually by plugging the Buttons into the respective Base Unit. For more information see [KB9619].



Last updated Jan 07 2020

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