What is ClickShare Extension Pack?


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ClickShare Extension Pack 

Note: Since the extension pack requires admin rights on a Windows PC and does not feature the extended desktop functionality on macOS, we recommend the use of the ClickShare Desktop Application, with which one can achieve similar functionality on both Windows and macOS and does not require admin rights to be installed.
The ClickShare desktop application can be downloaded here

When installing the ClickShare Desktop application, the launcher functionality is embedded in the application. For the extended desktop use with Microsoft Powerpoint, please refer to [KB10950] on how to use Presenter mode.


The ClickShare Extension Pack is a free download on our website. It is a collection of productivity tools that will enable you to get the most out of ClickShare. It contains the ClickShare launcher, a tool that will start the application for you when inserting the Button (for both Windows and macOS), and an extended desktop driver, which allows you to use the extended desktop for Presentation mode in PowerPoint (for Windows only). 

The ClickShare Extension Pack will not provide extended desktop support for macOS. Here we recommend sharing via Airplay to the Base Unit or the use of the ClickShare Desktop application. See [KB1477]

  • Includes software to install the ClickShare launcher
  • Enables support for extended desktop on Windows 8 and 10
  • Supports only 64-bit versions of Windows and Mac
  • Extended desktop only works with Base Unit firmware 1.6 and higher on the CS-100(Huddle), CSE-200(+) and CSE-800

 The Clickshare Extension pack is available for download here




Last updated Mar 18 2020

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