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ClickShare Windows Driver

The ClickShare Windows Driver ( is compatible with ClickShare firmware version 1.8 and provides an additional way to allow a seamless user experience when using the ClickShare Button.

Once installed, the Windows Driver for the ClickShare Button allows the ClickShare client to be started up automatically, without any manual action of the user, comparable to the ClickShare Launcher. It offers an ideal solution for guest users wanting to present using ClickShare, without having to install the ClickShare Launcher. 

The ClickShare Windows Driver is supported by the following Windows versions (32 and 64 bit):

  • Windows 7 
  • Windows 8.0 and 8.1
  • Windows 10

The ClickShare Windows Driver is a Windows certified WHQL driver and will automatically be downloaded from the Windows Update Store and installed on your laptop once you connect a ClickShare Button (updated to Release 01.08 or higher), provided your laptop is connected to the internet. You do not need administrator rights for this.

Downloading and installing the driver on your laptop occurs only once (the first time when you plug in an updated Button) and can take up to a couple of minutes. Once the driver is installed, every time a ClickShare Button is plugged into your laptop, the driver will launch the client present on the Button, unless the ClickShare Desktop App is already running on your device.


Requirements, notes and troubleshooting for the ClickShare Windows Driver

  • The ClickShare Driver only works for Windows Computers. For mac, please have a look at the alternatives here: [KB1197]

  • Your Windows PC needs to be connected to the internet to download the Windows driver.

    In case your computer was not connected to the internet the first time you used a ClickShare Button, the behaviour when using the Button with an active internet connection will depend on your operating system:
    • On a Windows 10: the windows driver will be installed automatically
    • On a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 machine, the download will not start automatically.
      • Solution:

        • The Driver can be manually installed via the Device Manager, after plugging in the button: Device manager -> Other devices -> ClickShare -> right-click and select Update Driver Software… -> Search automatically for updated driver software ->  Barco ClickShare Windows Driver will be downloaded and installed.

        • This will, however, require administrator rights on your PC.

  • For the Windows Driver to install, a Button compatible with the CS/CSE or CX products with firmware higher than 1.8 is required.
    Note that the ClickShare speaker needs to be enabled on a CS/CSE Button for the driver download to be executed.

  • For the ClickShare Conferencing Button, the driver version or higher is required. To see which version is installed on your PC, see the bullet below.
    To update the driver version, plug in a ClickShare Button and launch Windows Update on your pc. In case the update does not appear as shown below, make sure to also "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update".

  • To see which version is installed on your pc or to check if the driver is installed on your device, follow these steps:
    • Open Task Manager on your device
    • In the Processes tab, search for "Barco ClickShare Autorun Service"
    • To find out the version of the driver, right-click on the service and select Properties. A new window will open and if you go to the "Details" tab, you will find the version information, as can be seen in the window below.




Last updated Mar 23 2020

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