No Pin code support on AirPlay


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Passcode support on AirPlay

The AirPlay use a passcode for an additional client authentication step at the application level when passcode authentication is activated on the Base Unit. Every time such a Client connects to the Base Unit, a passcode will be generated by a random number generator in the Base Unit and be displayed in the top-right corner of the connected screen. This passcode is 4 digits long. (For more information refer to the ClickShare Security Whitepaper available in the Downloads section below). 

Activating passcode for AirPlay

On your Base Unit WebUI, navigate to ClickShare Configurator Wi-Fi & Network Services and activate the passcode. (For detailed information refer to your respective Base Unit installation manual). 


Passcode verification for AirPlay is only possible on the CSE Base Units.

There is no support for AirPlay passcode on CSM-1 or CSC-1 Base Units.




Last updated Sep 24 2019

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