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On wePresent devices, Airplay is supported in form of "iOS Device Mirroring".

This means everything that is on-screen on your iOS device, will be mirrored to the wePresent display. The only limitation is that 'streaming' video's through the YouTube app, is not supported! 
When you 'stream' a video your iOS device will try to 'push' it through the YouTube app. On your iOS device, it will show a black screen with an Airplay logo and the AirPlay receiver will show the video. Because a wePresent is not an AppleTV, wePresent will only be able to mirror the same black screen that is seen on your iOS device. 
Only when the (Youtube) video is played inside a web browser, then wePresent will show the video.

Below you can see an example of AirPlay with wePresent.



Last updated Aug 22 2019

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