Miracast Protocol - CSE200+ CX and C Type Base Units

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There are some nuances to be aware of when using Microsoft Miracast protocol that is completely independent of Barco ClickShare.  Here is a definition you need if you are searching online for supporting protocol information: SOURCE = PC, SINK = 200+ 

WI-FI Alliance technical Descriptions are attached.

1) Miracast and internal CSE200+ WIFI enabled, no PIN, no ethernet connected

a. The default WIFI IP is of the Base Unit.


This IP is not used by Miracast, BU WIFI must only be enabled to use Miracast

Miracast creates a temporary WIFI adapter when Miracast sharing is attempted

This is the PC endpoint for a P2P tunnel created by Microsoft for the Miracast secure tunnel.


The tunnel, initiated by the laptop, typically uses IP as the anchor IP for the laptop


b. The PC using Miracast runs a discovery service against the network after optionally authenticating the device (more on this in the PIN section following) >> BootP. If an available device capable of supporting Miracast is detected, then the PC runs a DHCP sequence in the tunnel to obtain an IP address from the BU. In Wireshark use BootP and RTSP as the filters:



c. Then the tunnel is established, and the session is open. Use RTP as a filter in Wireshark


2) Miracast and CSE200+ internal WIFI enabled, no PIN, plus ethernet connected

In this case, the WIFI is used only to detect an available wireless monitor, the PC will prefer the ethernet connection (if the BU is reachable via the Ethernet link.  This protocol is called MICE, the traces are identical).



3) Miracast and CSE200+ with ethernet corporate network integration, internal WIFI not enabled, no PIN

This setup is a clear Ethernet MICE connection.

4) Miracast, CSE 200+ with PIN-enabled - WIFI connected (client mode) WIFI Direct, no ethernet connected. The PIN is verified before the P2P tunnel is established over the regular WIFI adapter.

Microsoft has determined that the OS will request a PIN from the wireless monitor one time and cache the PIN (in network devices and the registry).  Following this, no subsequent PIN challenges will be exchanged.  This is also how Microsoft SURFACE HUBS works.



5) Miracast, CSE 200+ with PIN-enabled - Ethernet connected - MICE mode - WIFI not enabled

Now supported with 8 digit PIN code in 1.11.01



Last updated Jun 14 2022

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