MS Exchange/Office365 room resources and ClickShare meeting room name best practices

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Meeting rooms are often configured in Microsoft Exchange/Office365 to enable users to easily find and book them when planning a meeting.

When setting up a ClickShare Base Unit, you can also configure the meeting room name, so that it can be easily identified by the user when connecting to the room with the ClickShare App.

This article describes the best way to set up both in order to provide the optimal ClickShare experience.

Microsoft Exchange/Office365 room resource name

Configure your meeting rooms as resources in Microsoft Exchange/Office365 to easily manage the meeting room reservations.

Users will be able to add them to their meetings and see their availability just like any other participant.

This is easily set up in Office365 and Microsoft Exchange.

ClickShare meeting room name

Make sure the meeting room name configured in the Base Unit is an identical match to the name used in Microsoft Exchange/Office365.

This will make it easier for users to recognize the meeting room name in the list of nearby meeting rooms in the ClickShare App and it will make sure One Click Join also connects the meeting room that has been selected as the meeting location.   


Last updated Jul 07 2022

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