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ClickShare Security Whitepaper

Version 01
Filesize 1.13 MB
Release date 08 apr '19

Release notes

The ClickShare Security Whitepaper received a substantial overhaul, incorporating:

  • 1.7 firmware updates
    • Updated supported certificates (custom & multiroot)
    • 802.1x for wired authentication
  • ClickShare App
  • Privacy statement & ISO27001 certification
  • Other features:
    • Button Manager
    • USB-C button
    • Dual network (CSE-800)
    • XMS reference (dedicated whitepaper available)
  • Revised structure, content & layout

Log a case (eSupport)

  • Technical questions
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA)
  • Status tracking of pending service requests
  • (Consumable) and Spare part orders

Helpdesk information

Our helpdesk provides you with prompt phone support. A team of experienced support engineers is at your service for any professional assistance.