How to update the firmware on your ClickShare Base Unit and Buttons?


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Tutorial video

The tutorial video explaining how to update the firmware on your CS, CSE Base Units can be found below. For the CX Base Units, we recommend following the steps laid out here:


Barco regularly releases firmware updates for its ClickShare system, making it even more powerful. Installing these updates on the Base Unit is simple and straightforward – and can even be done remotely.

The following methods exist for updating your ClickSare Base Unit:

  • Schedule your update using XMS Cloud or XMS (Virtual) Edge. Discover it here;
  • Enjoy automatic updates by connecting your ClickShare Base Unit to the network, see [KB1604];
  • Manually upload the Firmware on the ClickShare Web Configuration page;
  • Manual update using a USB flash drive.

Updating the firmware manually through the web configurator or via a USB stick:

  1. Download the latest firmware

  2. Update the Base Unit: there are two possible ways to do this:
    • With the ClickShare Configurator

      1. Log into the ClickShare Configurator 
        For more information on how to connect to the ClickShare Configurator, please see [KB11142]

      2. Go to Support & Updates > Firmware.

      3. To upload a firmware version, click on Upload firmware... A browser window opens

      4. Browse to the file with the new firmware and click Open to start the upload

      5. Updating the software to the Base Unit takes several minutes. Progress can be seen on the meeting room display.

      6. ClickShare Base Unit reboots automatically and the Base Unit software is updated

    • With a USB stick (FAT32)

      1. Unzip the zip file

      2. Copy the ENC file to a USB stick. You can have multiple firmware files for multiple device types on the same stick

      3. Insert the USB stick into the USB port of the Base Unit

      4. Installation starts automatically and progress will be indicated on the meeting room screen

      5. When the on-screen message indicates that the process is finished, remove the USB stick

      6. Base Unit will reboot automatically

Updating the firmware through XMS:

We recommend the use of the XMS (Cloud) Management Platform to perform firmware updates for large numbers of ClickShare Base Units across one or multiple sites. For more information on XMS, please refer to the information pages for XMS Edge, XMS virtual Edge and XMS Cloud. A good overview of the differences between these systems (and the obsolete CMGS) can be found here: [KB9809]

See [KB11511] for information on "ClickShare Base Unit firmware update using XMS Cloud". 

More information on the use of XMS cloud can be found here: [KB9552]

See the XMS Edge user manual for information "ClickShare Base Unit firmware update using XMS Edge"

Button update

After installing the new firmware on your Base Unit, the ClickShare Buttons will automatically be updated over Wi-Fi while plugged in into a laptop (and not sharing). The Button update can of course also be done by pairing them to a Base Unit USB port (or by using the Button Manager), but this is not required after a regular firmware update.



Last updated Sep 25 2020

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