Your meeting setup, without the wires: connecting ClickShare Conference with peripherals 

The success of a video conference depends on how well we can see each other and speak with each other. That is why more and more meeting users are adding peripheral devices like cameras, speakers, mics and sound bars to their meeting room setup. By combining these peripherals with Barco’s ClickShare wireless conferencing system, organizations can benefit from an even more engaging hybrid meeting experience.

As hybrid working has become the new norm, remote video conferencing solutions have never been more popular. People have discovered how easy it is to set up a video meeting – both from home and from a meeting room at work. Accustomed to having video calls, they are now in the phase where they are looking to improve their user experience, for example by adding audio and video peripherals. In fact, these SWAPs are actually the driving force in today's videoconferencing market and they actually empower BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) in the workplace. 

Those peripherals are also called SoftWare Agnostic Peripherals (SWAPs), meaning that they will work seamlessly with whatever videoconferencing software you are using. Most laptop users are already familiar with SWAPs like headsets and USB webcams. Plugging in more of these peripherals to your laptop through a USB or HDMI cable only seems to be a small additional step. An additional microphone and soundbar can significantly improve the audiovisual experience for meeting participants in rooms of any size.

With this way of working, meeting participants can arrive in the meeting room with a laptop and connect to the room’s SWAPs, generally by USB or HDMI cable. Participants can enjoy the familiarity and ease of use of their own laptop to host the meeting without much other hardware. In addition, they can set up the meeting with their preferred videoconferencing software.

It’s a natural extension of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend in the workplace. While working and collaborating via your own tablet, mobile or laptop is quite common practice in organizations nowadays, BYOM or Bring Your Own Meeting is about using your own devices and software tools to set up a video conference.

Extensive collaboration

While adding peripherals to your meeting room setup is a great way to improve the audio and video quality, as well as the overall user experience, meeting organizers are always looking into ways to improve the ease of use even more and to avoid having to plug in too many cables. They are also looking for smarter ways to allow meeting participants to collaborate more intensively or to interact with the screen content. This is where ClickShare Conference comes in.

From its launch onwards, wireless content sharing and collaboration has been a strongpoint of Barco’s ClickShare* range of wireless presentation and conferencing systems. Among other things, ClickShare allows users to:

  • View the main screen content on their laptop
  • Select the window they want to share on the meeting screen
  • Freeze the content shared on the meeting room screen while they prepare what to show next
  • Annotate content and do blackboarding

*Not all features are available on all models. Please check product specifications on

ClickShare Conference: cable-free, hassle-free connection to your peripherals

ClickShare now allows meeting participants to combine the best of both worlds. With ClickShare Conference, you can wirelessly connect your laptop to the available audiovisual USB room peripherals (speakerphones, soundbars, mics, cameras), and start using ClickShare’s popular collaboration features in combination with those peripherals. All this is possible without plugging a single peripheral cable into your laptop.

Pairing your SWAPs with a ClickShare Conference system not only improves the overall meeting experience, but also increases the engagement and productivity of everyone involved. It’s a combination that allows you to make a click with every attendee in the meeting, whether they are in the room or located remotely.

Starting a meeting with ClickShare Conference in combination with your peripherals requires no cables, no downloads, manuals or extra tools. Thaks to smart meeting flows, ClickShare Conference offers a simple Plug and Play experience in every huddle room, meeting room or boardroom. 

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By combining peripherals with ClickShare Conference, IT managers have a whole new way of managing their company-wide meeting room technology at their disposal. They can use the XMS Cloud Management Platform to remotely monitor their install base of ClickShare devices and they have a clear status of their meeting environment at all times.

They can schedule software updates, optimize maintenance, and even make use of the XMS platform’s dashboard analytics to see information about the use of their devices and meeting spaces. This information is essential to make data-driven decisions for optimizing the workspace capacity.

The ClickShare experience

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All it takes is one click to wirelessly start a video meeting from your laptop with any UC&C solution. Switch platforms easily. Enjoy the same consistent user experience with the ClickShare Button or App, even when with guests. 


Turn any room into a hybrid collaboration room overnight and equalize the meeting experience for everyone, no matter where they are located.


Present & collaborate from your laptop in any room without cable hassle. Button or App, you decide. Smart meeting flows guide you to an intuitive experience.


Walk in and instantly connect to the room set-up from your laptop. Start within seconds with one-click collaboration with the ClickShare Button or App.


Seamlessly works with your device, your UC&C platform and compatible solutions from global partners and brands. Use as digital signage player to impress, inform and inspire.


Secure, networked and cloud-managed, ClickShare is an IT-friendly, ISO27001 certified solution. Packed with five years of coverage, access to insight and analytics, and regular software updates. SmartCare included for your peace of mind. Proven ROI.

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