ClickShare Desktop App

ClickShare Desktop App

  • Share your content on the room display and have full control
  • Use the room conference cameras and speakers wirelessly in your VC call
  • Start your planned VC calls right from the App
  • Use with any ClickShare model
  • Secure as always

App to wirelessly connect, conference and share content

Wirelessly share content from your laptop to the room display and easily connect to the room cameras and speakers.

The ClickShare Desktop App allows for simple and intuitive content sharing from any laptop or desktop (Windows or Mac). If you are hosting a hybrid meeting in a ClickShare Conference enabled room, you can also enjoy wireless conferencing via this App.

Engaging in wireless conferencing or content sharing can be done with both ClickShare Button or App. ClickShare Conferences matches your digital workplace strategy. Touch or touchless, Button or App. It’s your way of working, your decision. 

Start your meeting on time

Walk in to a meeting room and the smart detection of our App (via PresentSense functionality) immediately connects your device to the meeting room display and AV peripherals.  Start your wireless conference or share content within seconds without having to connect or select peripherals manually.

Maximize presentation

The App allows you to easily share any content (full desktop, apps, powerpoint, video,...) to a room display which is connected to a ClickShare Base Unit.

Benefit from its intuitive, enhanced functionalities and fully manage the content you want to share:

  • Protect privacy and sensitive info: only share a specific application window, not your whole desktop view
  • Present with confidence: share powerpoint slides to the meeting room screen while watching slides notes on your laptop

Seamless wireless conferencing

Use the App to engage in your wireless conferencing meetings with Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom..., connect wirelessly to room camera and speakers and use these in your videocall for better hybrid meetings. 

  • One click to join your conference. With just one click in the ClickShare App you join the next virtual meeting on your agenda. Your Outlook calendar automatically synchronizes with the ClickShare Collaboration App. The next Microsoft Teams meeting on your agenda is shown in the ClickShare App: join that call with just one click, your Teams App will open automatically and your call will start immediately. The same is true for your Zoom, Webex or other calls as well. Alternatively, you can choose for the Plug & Play approach to wireless conferencing and share content with the ClickShare Button.
    ClickShare Conference matches your digital workplace strategy. Touch or touchless, Button or App. It's your way of working, your decision.
  • One click to share your content. Start sharing content in a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex call and ClickShare automatically shares the same content to the meeting room display.
  • Easily share the meeting room view in the VC call
  • One click to sync (un)mute commands. Muting anyone in your hybrid meeting room is easy and in sync. Avoid hassle and confusion with having to mute and unmute in two different places: the Microsoft Teams App & the room mic. Just click on one of them and the other will sync automatically.


Make sure to have the latest firmware installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the App. 

Easy, trouble-free presenting

Share ideas and content securely from any device on the meeting room screen
Plug in the Button into the USB-A or USB-C port or select the meeting room in your Collaboration App.
Click on the hardware Button or the virtual Button of the Collaboration App.
Start collaborating without stress.

Any questions? Our team is ready to help you out.

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