Designed by lighting designers ‘Licht Kunst Licht’, the installation is a fantastic example of how LED can be used creatively to transform buildings and identify them as distinctive landmarks. ‘Licht Kunst Licht’ understand lighting design as an integral part of architecture by emphasizing its effect on spatial quality as opposed to stressing the formal lighting fixture design. At night the tailor made content for UNIQA brings the building to life and ensures UNIQA is noticed by everyone in Vienna.

The LED solution comprises of Barco’s MIPIX and has been fixed in a special housing which is IP65 certified. There are 2800 sections of MIPIX each of 1.3 meters long, placed end to end in pairs - making 1400 separate sections each totaling 2.6 meters long.

The content for the LED is a specially designed video file written for UNIQA by ‘Licht Kunst Licht’.

"The UNIQA tower is a new landmark for the city of Vienna. Its distinctive silhouette is an architectural landmark located at the start of the famous Ringstraβe, and it creates a link from Vienna´s city centre to the historically important Praterstraße. The unique LED installation supports the expressive architecture of UNIQA headquarters. The conceptive world of pictures with abstract and specific motives brings additional life to glass cladding of UNIQA tower," says Ernst Morgenbesser, project manager UNIQA Tower.