La Géode, located in Paris, France, is Europe’s largest cinematic dome, with a 1000m² giant screen. In order to maintain its unique position as a theater of the future even in the 21st century, La Géode was looking to upgrade its projection systems to the next standard: high-definition, stereoscopic cinema for both digital and large format film presentations.

They were inspired by Barco’s visualization achievements to opt for a multi-channel, three-chip DLP Galaxy HB12+ projection system with passive stereo capabilities. This 12,000 ANSI lumens projector has become the natural choice for any application that requires such visualization, with either passive or active Infitec filters. Its three-chip DLP technology further makes it ideal to project images in deep, vivid colors, while its edge blending, constant light output and color matching technology ensure one image in stable colors across the entire screen. The Galaxy’s warping capabilities finally allow it to maintain the same image quality and geometry accuracy across the length and width of the spherical display

In addition to smart Folsom Image Processing tools, la Géode chose Barco’s XDS-1000 display management system to drive this impressive configuration. This desktop-integrated solution acts as a focal point where external sources can be easily detected, pulled up and displayed in their native resolution. It features a built-in Windows XP display server that allows any type of content to be stored locally and multiple windows simultaneously. These windows can be resized, moved and made to overlap at will with just mouse and keyboard.

The entire system benefits the company through other distinct advantages: its Galaxy projectors are built specifically for both movie and stereoscopic applications, which saves La Géode large amounts of money they would otherwise have spent on updating middle-of-the-road systems or retrofitting obsolete projectors, while the system is easy to operate by its personnel due to the XDS-1000’s Windows XP interface, eliminating the need to spend time learning to operate the installation. Servicing and maintenance is made easy through the XDS-1000’s remote control and diagnostics capabilities that automatically warn staff members in case of problems with sources or projector lamps.

For La Géode, the result is a stunning, immersive multi-channel cinematic dome.