Oil and gas supermajor Shell was looking for a global visualization solution that would allow them to visualize large amounts of geophysical data simultaneously, in high-resolution 3D stereo, and enable multi-site collaboration. As such, Shell turned to a key global leader in advanced digital visualization – Barco.

The upgrades of the Shell ACE VR Center in Lutong definitely create a wow effect among Shell’s oil & gas experts. Seeing multiple mono and 3D stereo sources simultaneously on the curved Barco Reality Center's screen makes cross-analysis of data very easy. There is now much less time needed in getting the project data displayed, and more time spent collaborating, as everyone can now visualise multiple datasets from different IT platforms at the same time.

The BR Center is piloted by an XDS-1000 display management system. Barco’s XDS-1000 enables simultaneous display of inputs from mono and stereo sources in native resolution in multiple windows on a multi-channel display wall. The Windows desktop of the XDS control center is identical to that of all other Barco systems used at Shell, and functions the same way as a user workstation. Each source is displayed in its own native resolution, without loss of frame rates and all stereo windows are synchronized for simultaneous viewing. Windows can be resized, moved, minimized and recalled for optimal meeting efficiency.

The ACE room not only gives the seismic interpreter rapid and smooth access to manage large data sizes, also other specialists such as well engineers, production geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers, can easily manipulate the data and juxtapose windows with own datasets, allowing everyone to visualize and challenge the model.