CNPC upgrades process and transport overview with Barco

The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is China's biggest integrated oil and gas company. When it needed display technology to visualize real-time data and video inputs from many oil and gas production or transport sources simultaneously, CNPC turned to Barco. With an 18x3 cube configuration and dedicated Barco display management technology, the Barco display wall at its Pipeline Control Center brings numerous benefits to the table. “Thanks to the flexibility of Barco's solutions,” explains Mr. Qi Guocheng, CNPC Automation Manager, “we can divide the large display wall into three parts – one for oil production monitoring, one part that displays crude oil data, and a third part for natural gas transport control. What's more, we can quickly switch between the data sources we need at any given moment. With Barco's help, we are able to dramatically upgrade our monitoring process. Because all information is instantly available, our operators can interact immediately with all production and transport data, all the time.”