Rockheim, Norways National Experience Centre and Museum for Rock and Pop, which opened 5th August 2010, uses 21 projectiondesign projectors in their highly interactive, and immersive exhibits.

"The projection systems designed and installed with projectdesign have proven their reliability and quality every day in this demanding installation."

Stacey Spiegel, CEO PWLabs AS

Rockheim, touted as Europe's perhaps most innovative and sophisticated museum, populates a total of 1320 square metres (14000 square feet) with a combination of constant and changing exhibits.

Throughout the exhibits, immersive and interactive visuals are key components to the success of the museum. Rockheim selected projectiondesign projectors for their excellent track record of being used in similar applications and spaces around the world - with proven performance and reliability at the heart of the matter.

Amongst the various exhibits are the Tribute Wall, where visitors can interact with the visuals to have their favourite bands played, the "Learn how to play a guitar" experience, where one learns how to play with Norway's leading guitarists, as well as many other interactive spaces.