After several of its clients' movies were widely acclaimed at the Sundance and South by Southwest film festivals, Prehistoric Digital sought to upgrade its post-production capabilities to pursue work on bigger movies, including theatrical release. They turned to Barco's partners at Moving Image Technologies for Barco's DP2K-P post-production projector to get the quality boost they needed. Built using the same highly efficient light engine which achieved the world record for brightness, Barco's DP2K-P is designed specifically to meet the stringent quality specifications of the post-production community.

Prehistoric Digital planned and built their new studio around Barco's projector, which is packed with high-end features typically associated with more expensive post-production systems. Already in operation, the DP2K-P was used for post work on a new independent film releasing this month, entitled “Northeast,” written and directed by Gregory Kohn and slated to appear at the Tribeca Film Festival 'On the Road' series in several major U.S. cities during October.

Prehistoric Digital is a flexible digital boutique helping film and media makers create and refine their visuals. Founded by cinematographers to take advantage of the growing possibilities in post-production, PhD was designed from the ground up to exceed the highest industry standards for image manipulation, monitoring accuracy, speed and comfort while still meeting the budgets of independent film and video projects.