The Federal University of Alagoas is the main research center in the north eastern region of Brazil. In order to seek solutions for engineering problems, its Laboratory of Scientific Computing and Visualization (LCCV) constantly researches efficient techniques for the numerical simulation of physical problems.

To visualize complicated computational mechanics data, the LCCV installed a high brightness Barco Galaxy NH-12 projector with XDS Control Center, a multi-windowing display management software for enhanced collaboration.

This collaborative environment allows three-dimensional stereo and mono data visualization simultaneously, facilitating the technical interpretation of physical phenomena studied numerically. The room also allows the remote sharing of information (data and images) across multiple locations in real time, enabling full integration of all collaborators contents for quick decisions.

After comparing all available offers, the department found that Barco provided the best cost/benefit solution for this project. LCCV specifically highlights its ease-of-use and the swift integration with the XDS software.