Six Barco video walls to provide a snapshot view on traffic in and around Antwerp

The Police department of Antwerp, Belgium, proudly looks back on the recent inauguration of its brand-new dispatching and tele-command center. The center features quite a few Barco products: in close cooperation with Fabricom, Barco installed no less than six video walls. Dispatchers in the tele-command center rely on a large LED-lit video wall consisting of six ultra-bright 70” OL-710 projection modules. Smaller walls composed of NSL-5521 tiles have been installed in the special operation room and the camera control room. Lastly, in the cartography room, operators use a large LDX-46 display with LED backlights to monitor the vehicles currently out on the road.

The networked set-up of the Barco solution allows all the data to be retrieved via the network and projected onto any available display or operator station. “The new walls and displays provide the infrastructure our operators need to see everything in one snapshot view, equipping them with more data and insight to make better-informed decisions and respond effectively during roadway incidents and emergencies,” said Chief of police Carlo Neyt.