Fatboy Slim’s 5th Beach Bootique: Larger-than-life screens for larger-than-life beats

Big beat artist Fatboy Slim took the world by storm with hits like ‘Praise You’ and ‘Rockafeller Skank’. At the beginning of June, the man threw a party during the 5th Beach Bootique in Brighton’s new Amex Stadium. While Fatboy Slim and his team concentrated on creating an exhilirating show, Barco and long-time partner XL Video took care of the audiovisual experience.

A 20 by 10 meter section of Barco’s MiTrix transparent LED screen, positioned immediately behind the DJ mixer, formed the centerpiece of the stage. In combination with other visual effects, it helped create a highly spontaneous visuality that flowed seamlessly for the two-hour set. The audience loved it, as did Fatboy Slim himself, “It doesn’t get much better than this,” he enthused on his Facebook page.