Barco HDX-W18 projectors make West Side Story come alive like never before

Build a 'Central Hall' to promote the Arts and Sciences: that was why Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort, built the Royal Albert Hall. Since its opening in 1871, the Hall has been hosting music concerts, exhibitions, meetings and many other ceremonies and receiving the world’s most famous performers.

When the iconic West Side Story film was on tour to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Hall invited the production to come and do a live performance, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Like in the past, it called in the help of audiovisual supplier SFL Group to ensure a high-definition projection of the film onto the big screen, in close cooperation with the West Side Story production team.

“SFL always provides us with great audiovisual solutions and are a pleasure to work with,” says Oliver Jeffery, Senior Technical Manager at the Royal Albert Hall. “The Barco HDX-W18 projectors truly enhanced the quality of the film so we will definitely use them again.” “We suggested using our compact Barco HDX-W18 projectors, for their high brightness and reliability and got everyone blown away by the quality. The producers testified they had never seen the movie look so good on screen before,” said Craig Lawrence, AV Director at the SFL Group.