Bringing image quality to the highest level

“Ambitious”, that is the least one can say about the La Fe hospital in Valencia. That ambition is reflected in its spanking new facility, its commitment to work with the best healthcare professionals, and to use world-class technology. One of the largest investments when La Fe moved to its new location was its new state-of-the-art PACS system. As part of this new installation came an impressive number of Barco medical display systems including nearly 60 Coronis Fusion diagnostic display systems and 20 MDRC-2120 displays for review of calibrated diagnostic images in key clinical settings.

Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí, head of radiology at La Fe, believes that the image quality that Barco delivers is beyond comparison. And his opinion counts, as he is a renowned radiologist, both in Spain and abroad, and the former president of SERAM, the Spanish Society of Radiology.

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